Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thing #21 Videocast

PhotoStory is new to me, so this thing took a long time to research and create. First, I had to download it (Yea! It’s free!) and acquaint myself with the software. After I got a hang of it, I really enjoyed the creating process. However, my microphone would not work, so I had to do the whole thing over on another computer. Lesson #1: Always check your microphone first; then proceed with the creating.

PhotoStory is very easy to use; I believe lower elementary students could even use it. Some PhotoStory uses in the classroom include creating book reviews, timelines, interviews, and vocabulary review for ESL students. By sharing their videos or podcasts on the web, students become motivated because they have a real audience. I will definitely integrate this “thing” into my curriculum!

Another free audio/video maker is Avairy. It can do everything PhotoStory does and a lot more.

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  1. lovely PS...maybe I will use it in explaining the 2.0 world!