Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thing #20 Embedding Videos

Just this year my school district allows teachers to use YouTube videos (students are blocked) for lesson enhancement through a filtering system called I have used YouTube videos from Barney Fife saying the Preamble to history lessons with animated Legos. My students love it when I show a video clip; it really piques their interest. I’ve used TeacherTube a few times, but it seems like I have to wade through a lot of poor quality videos to find a really good one. Recently, I came across SchoolTube through Glogster’s education portal. Students can create a glog, or animated poster, and embed a SchoolTube video right into their project. When students are allowed to choose videos to enhance their projects, they are using critical thinking and evaluation skills.
Another alternative to YouTube is It even includes lesson plans and tips on how to use some videos in the classroom. The video below is from SchoolTube.

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