Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spinning World

This is not part of 23 Things, but I just had to share it with you. You will want this widget! Look to the top right....do you see the spinning world? All those red dots represent people who have looked at my blog. While I was posting Thing #17, I noticed someone in Kansas (or somewhere up north) was viewing my blog at that very moment. When someone is viewing your blog there are concentric circles that radiate outward. It is so exciting to see that someone else is viewing your site. I also see a red dot in Thailand. I do not know anyone in Thailand! Wow! This is so very cool!
You can get your very own spinning world at Revolver Maps.


  1. I too enjoy seeing where my words have gone!

  2. What a fabulous 2.0 tool! The possibilities for the use of this tool are endless! Your 2.0 share is the reason blogs are so cool. It gives us all an opportunity to get the word out when we find neat, new tools.

    I like browsing various Library Thing bookcases. It's fun to see what other professionals are reading. I use one on my blog with my students for highlighting new books.